I am passionate about looking at the big picture and focusing on an opportunity within it. My greatest sense of accomplishment comes from aligning an organization’s disparate ideas, priorities, and functions into a common objective that makes sense in its larger strategic context.

I am excited by innovative technologies that impact consumer experiences, whether it’s as exotic as augmented reality (seamlessly integrating animation into live video streams) or as simple as implementing an online greeting card service.

The bottom line is important to me. I keep a close eye on costs, have an affinity for value, and put the customer and quality first.

In addition to the United States and Europe, I have done business in Japan, China, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Russia, Mexico, and Australia. I speak Japanese and have exposure to Chinese, French, and Spanish.


I am happily married with two wonderful children (whose only common characteristic is that they are wonderful). I am a certified US Soccer Federation referee, I enjoy challenges, I like to read, and I collect first edition books.