Obligations of Board Members

Regardless of the size or purpose of the organization, members of the Board of Directors (or Board of Trustees) have basic obligations.  These are:

  • Stay informed on trends, regulations, and laws relevant to the organization and your role on the Board.
  • Listen carefully and respectfully to what your colleagues on the Board have to say. ┬áRespect their experience and their opinions.
  • Share and defend your point of view openly, frankly, and cordially with other members of the Board so they may benefit from your experience and expertise.
  • Recuse yourself from discussions and decisions in which you have a material or personal interest.
  • Insist on complete, accurate, and timely information from the organization and your colleagues on the Board.
  • Make decisions that best further the objectives of the organization and its stakeholders.
  • Make decisions that best preserve the tangible and non-tangible assets of the organization.
  • Where appropriate, keep confidential the discussions and decisions of the Board.
  • Attend meetings on a regular basis.
  • Prepare materials for other Board members as appropriate to your role.
  • Read and review materials prepared by the organization and your colleagues on the Board before meetings.

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